Welcome to AppBajar (, your premier destination for a unique media and entertainment experience rooted in the rich tapestry of local culture, languages, and streamlined payment systems. Our platform is meticulously crafted to simplify and expedite the delivery of digital content, making it both accessible and user-friendly.

At AppBajar, we champion the concept of PAID Android applications, media, and e-books, aiming to elevate the IT experience within local markets. Embracing native payment systems and languages, we strive to create a digital space that resonates with the diverse preferences and needs of our users.

For content sellers and developers aligned with AppBajar, monthly payments are seamlessly deposited into their registered bank accounts. Our commitment to accessibility is reflected in the pricing of paid digital content, starting from the minimum local unit. AppBajar operates under the guiding principle - "Value the Creativity," underscoring our dedication to recognizing and rewarding digital creativity.

AppBajar proudly received the South Asian top mobile platform award, mBillionth2016, in the business and commerce category from Delhi, India. View our accomplishment here.

Hailing from Bangladesh, AppBajar serves as a B2C marketplace for diverse Android applications and digital content, including songs and e-books. While our primary focus is on Bengali and English content, we also support Hindi, Chinese, and Japanese languages.

Tech companies, independent developers, singers, and writers can leverage our platform to upload, sell, and showcase their apps and digital content without incurring any fees. Users can purchase apps using points from their AppBajar wallets, seamlessly linked to local payment systems such as Telecom, Mobile Financial Services (MFS) like bKash and Dutch Bangla, and international systems like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, Neteller, Skrill, and more. With the option to invite friends, earn referral points, and gift apps, AppBajar strives to simplify and secure the buying and selling of apps.

We currently focus on health and education mobile applications, believing in the transformative power of mobile phones to deliver solutions and improve lives, particularly in rural Bangladesh.

Key Features of AppBajar:

  • Localized marketplace with copyright protection for developers

  • Promotion of paid applications to boost the IT industry in Bangladesh

  • Monthly payments directly to developers' bank accounts

  • App prices starting from 1 BDT

  • Promotion of paid listings and advertisements on the platform

As of now, the AppBajar app boasts 240,000 downloads and a community of 200,000 social media followers. In our commitment to foster a culture of app development in Bangladesh, we plan to train 50,000 app developers.

AppBajar also serves regions and devices where Google Play is not permitted, ensuring global accessibility.

What is AppBajar? AppBajar ( is a B2C digital content marketplace and social communication tool, with a primary focus on Android apps, books, and music. Since our launch on February 3, 2016, we have rapidly gained prominence in the Bangladesh IT industry.

We currently host over 2,100 Android apps and boast a user base of more than 13,135 registered customers. AppBajar has been honored with the #mBillionth2016 award under the business and commerce category for South Asia and nominated as the Country Best Product by World Summit Award (WSA) 2016.

Why AppBajar?

  • Tailored digital content that aligns with users' culture and language

  • Competitive pricing compared to international marketplaces

  • Overcomes the absence of Google Play merchant accounts in certain countries

  • Simplified account creation and digital content purchase using local currencies

  • Phone number-based registration for a hassle-free process

  • A robust platform for selling music and ebooks in Bangladesh

  • Functionality in areas where Google Play services are restricted, such as China

Uniqueness of AppBajar:

  • Free digital content upload and paid content download/use

  • Local payment system using local currency and language

  • Own wallet system for global recharge, accepting various payment methods

  • Portfolio development for career advancement

  • Introduction of "AppBajarian" – a social micro-networking feature combining LinkedIn and Twitter

  • Phone number-based registration to streamline the process

  • Independence from Google Play services, ensuring access from more Android devices globally

  • Implementation of DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology

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