AppBajar ( is a media and entertainment platform focused solely on incorporating local culture, languages and payment system to make the digital content serving system easier and faster.

AppBajar promotes the concept of PAID Android applications/media/E-book to enhance the IT experience of local market using the local payment system and language.

Content seller/Developer gets the payments in their registered bank account monthly. The Prices of paid digital contents start from the minimum local unit. AppBajar works to ensure the slogan - Value the creativity.


Organisation: Advanced Apps Bangladesh

AppBajar recently won the South Asian top mobile platform based award mBillionth2016 under business and commerce section from Delhi, India.

Bangladesh’s AppBajar is a B2C marketplace for all kinds of Android mobile applications & Digital Contents like Song, Ebook etc. AppBajar mainly focuses on Bengali and English contents, but supports in Hindi, Chinese and Japanese.

Technology software companies and independent developers, Singers & writers can upload their apps & Digital contents and sell their services. The platform doesn’t charge any fee, thus developers, Singers & Writers can list their products on the platform free of cost. A user can buy apps with points available in their account by linking their AppBajar wallets to local payment systems like Telecom payment, MFS(Mobile Financial Service) services like bKash, Dutch Bangla & international payment systems like Visa, Master card, Amex, Paypal,Payonner, Payza, Neteller, Skrill etc. Users can invite friends to use the platform and earn referral points, apps can be bought and gifted to friends and family. AppBajar is striving to make buying and selling of apps simple and safe. Customers and developers (prospective buyers and sellers) can interact and communicate with each other through social chat options. In addition to understanding the working of a mobile app, customers also demand customized app ideas for their businesses which developers fulfill within a time-frame and cost.

As of now, AppBajar is focusing on Health and Education mobile applications to promote the use of technology. The team behind AppBajar believes that a mobile phone can deliver solutions to the people who need it as grassroots and can transform the lives of thousands of people in Rural Bangladesh.

AppBajar, a localized marketplace similar to globally accredited Google Play Store offers its developers copyright protection and promotes the concept of paid applications to enhance the IT industry in Bangladesh. Developers get the payments in their registered bank account monthly. Prices of apps start from 1 BDT. The platform also promotes paid listings and advertisements on its platform.

AppBajar app has 2,40,000 downloads and 200,000 social media followers. To promote app development culture in Bangladesh, AppBajar is going to conduct a training of 50,000 app developers.

AppBajar also offers where google Plays are not permitted for use, AppBajar Platform will work on those places and devices.


What is AppBajar?

  • AppBajar, ( is a B2C Digital content marketplace and social communication tool for customers and content creators.
  • Focuses on Android Apps, Books and Music.
  • A platform which gained an incredible good position in Bangladesh IT industry in no time after launching a full journey from February 03, 2016
  • Currently AppBajar is hosting more than 2100 Android apps and more than 13,135 registered customers.
  • Winner of #mBillionth2016 under business and commerce category over South Asia. and Nominated as Country Best Product by World Summit Award (WSA) 2016.

Why is AppBajar?

  • People like to get digital contents which follow their own culture/language.

  • Contents price is higher in international marketplaces.

  • In Bangladesh and few other countries, Google play merchant account isn’t available, hence people can’t sell/buy Android apps and other digital contents.

  • It’s hard for people to create an account/ buy digital contents using international currencies from Bangladesh and few other countries.

  • Hard to remember the email based registration.

  • In Bangladesh, there’s no actual perfect functioning platform to sell music and ebooks.

  • There are several countries like China where Google play service is banned, so people can’t use Google play.

Uniqueness of AppBajar

  • Free digital content upload, paid content download/use.

  • Local Payment system using local currency and language.

  • Own wallet system for recharge worldwide. It allows all kind of debit credit cards, internet banking, mobile banking.

  • Portfolio development for career.

  • Introducing AppBajarian ( Social micro-networking features, combination of Linkedin+Twitter )

  • Phone number based registration to bypass email address based complex registration.

  • No dependency of Google play services to ensure the access from more android devices globally like China, Mayanmar etc.

  • DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology to ensure the copyright and privacy of digital contents.


  • Emerging market of  62.004 million internet subscriber at the end of April 2016 of Bangladesh.
  • Usability of digital contents, mobilization of works.
  • Enabling more opportunities for underprivileged people to develop their Education and health knowledge base.  
  • World-wide accessibility and we have an unlimited number of potential users who can get benefit through AppBajar.
  • Government emphasis on Digitalization.